Part giraffe, part ostrich and part duck, George
is perhaps the funniest looking gang member!!
Waddling around on his duck flippers, George can sometimes appear a little bit awkward. But, get him
in the water and he is as graceful as a ballerina.

Like a ballerina George loves to dance. He is
especially proud of his luscious ostrich feathers.
When he dances they take on a mesmerising life of their own, glistening and twinkling in
the sunlight like a coat of fluffy diamonds.

George’s favourite party trick is walking slowly over
a bed of burning coals. This trick has led the
animals of Pogo Bogo to think that George is a
powerful wizard. It’s only the gang that really knows
the truth – ducks don’t have any nerves in their
feet, so George never feels a thing.

George is the watch dog of the gang. With his long
giraffe neck he can see over the top of even the
tallest trees which makes it really difficult for
anyone to sneak up on him.

Part elephant, part zebra and part chimpanzee,
Ebenezer is the brains of the gang!! His huge
elephant head is bursting with all sorts of fun and interesting facts!! Like all elephants, Ebenezer has
a fantastic memory. He can recite the alphabet
backwards in 18 different languages and can do
the Sunday Times crossword in under 6 minutes.
Now that is impressive!!

Ebenezer’s long zebra legs are built for speed. He
can often be spotted running laps of the Great Lake
or racing Cheetahs on Pogo Bogo’s open plains.

He is as comfortable in the trees as he is on land. Ebenezer uses his chimpanzee feet to swing
through the trees. His nimble chimp toes are also
great for making things. Ebenezer has invented
all sorts of weird and wonderful contraptions.
His most famous creation is the “Elephant Back Scratcher 2000”. A wonderful little device that
has helped many a thankful elephant to
be able scratch all those hard to reach places at long last.

Heidi’s pretty pink hippo head and long fluttering
eye lashes are a real head turner. It’s not
uncommon to see Heidi prancing around Pogo Bogo
with a trail of boy animals skipping along behind,
vying for her attention.

Heidi has a shimmering body of crocodile scales
which is excellent for swimming. She cuts through
the water like a hot knife through butter, often diving
to the deepest depths were the water is cool and refreshing.

Out of the water, Heidi is elegant and graceful. She skips around daintily on her black and white pussy
cat paws. But, don’t be fooled, those paws are lined
with razor sharp claws. Get too close and you might loose an eye!!

As the gang’s only female member, Heidi has a
great time keeping the boys in check. She usually
gets her way. Heidi’s temper is as sharp as her
claws so the boys know better than to make her

Pedro’s piggyness doesn’t stop at his piggy head.
Oh no!! Pedro also has a pig sized appetite. He will
eat absolutely anything but his favourite is Mexican
food (or anything spicy for that matter!!!)

Pedro is extremely proud of his big Gorilla muscles. When he’s not posing in front of the mirror, you
will find him down at the lake showing off how
strong he is. His favourite trick is doing press-ups
with a gaggle of giggling geese on his back!!
We think the trick would be much more impressive
with a harem of heavy hippos but Pedro hasn’t been persuaded to try that yet!!

Bounce, leap, spring, jump, hop….you name it,
Pedro is good at it. Pedro’s kangaroo legs are like
coiled springs. When he crouches down and
jumps he shoots into the air like a rocket. He can
jump more than 10ft high. That’s almost as high
as a full grown elephant!!

He’s not the brightest member of the gang but
what Rocky lacks in brains he more than
makes up for with enthusiasm. Rocky throws
himself at everything head first with more gusto
than a gail force tornado. Although, throwing
yourself at things head first might not be the best
idea when you have a sharp Rhino horn at the end
of your nose. But, hey, that’s Rocky – charge first,
ask questions later!!

Rocky is a terrible practical joker. His latest prank involves dangling upside down from a tree like a
bat. He clings on to a branch using the sticky
suckers at the end of his frog feet and when an unsuspecting animal wanders past he shrieks “BOOOO!!!” at the top of his voice. This is the
source of much laughter for Rocky. Although, his
poor victims are often left trembling in terror!!

Being the only one that can fly, Rocky is the envy
of the gang. Soaring through the sky with the
wind in your face is the best feeling in the
world!! Its no surprise that all the other animals
want to swap body parts with Rocky!!

Not only is Lancelot the “King of the Jungle”, he is
also the “Prince of the Forest” or so he tells the other animals!!! Lancelot carries his lion head and tiger
body with an air of royalty and swings gracefully through the trees with his lemur tail.

There could be no better home for Lancelot than Pogo Bogo. He spends his days being very lazy,
doing very little and sunbathing in the glorious sunshine. But, beware!! Lancelot can move faster
than lightning when he wants to. When Lancelot pounces, you don’t even see him coming!! His tiger stripes blend perfectly with the background making him almost invisible.

Fortunately for the other animals, Lancelot has decided to become a vegetarian. Although, you might occasionally catch him drooling at the sight of a juicy Pig-Orilla-Roo.


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