Lancelot the “Leo-Tigga-Mur”


Not only is Lancelot the “King of the Jungle”, he is also the “Prince of the Forest” or so he tells the other animals!!! Lancelot carries his lion head and tiger body with an air of royalty and swings gracefully through the trees with his lemur tail. Like all the Anagranimals, Lancelot’s different body parts come together and apart with the magic of Velcro.  Collect all six characters to create up to 216 unique swabble Anagranimal combinations.

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Product Description

The award winning Anagranimal cuddly toys are hand crafted from super soft plush fabric and are designed to promote interactive and imaginative play. Grab a Leo-Tigga-Mur and swap it with a Pig-Orilla-Roo to make a Leo-Tigga-Roo or a Piggy-Tigger-Mur. The possibilities are endless!!

Age Range: 0+

Care instructions: Hand wash only. Remove all ties and packaging before giving to child.

Dimensions: 30cm H (Packaged)

Material: Soft Plush

This toy meets EU safety (EN71) and Toy Safety Directive requirements.

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